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A poem for today...

Leaping, letting go
I dive deep into the unknown…

Fear it rises
Crashes like the waves

I slip into unknowing
Totally unfazed

I can just let go

Be present
This experience is heaven sent

There is no right
There is no wrong

Just some narrative
Based lamenting song

Within my mind
It’s here I find

All the limitations
Mental perturbations

I choose now
Right here
To let go
Dive deep
Into the depths of my Soul

Out of the spiritual waters
I rise, lifting my voice to the skies

I sing loud the song of
My life

It’s now I realize
No more strife

Illusive separation
Exists no more
I choose to write a new score

I shall sing, dance
Live in great romance

I have finally found
That primordial sound

My truth, my voice,
I have consciously
made the choice

Dive in, swim with the collective
It’s together we can shift the
Energies of direction

This is the adventure
That awaits us all

Let go, jump in
Your journey,
Is part of the key that
Liberates us all.

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