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Creativity fueled summer event...

Creativity fueled summer event...

Pour and paint...July 25th

This is going to be SO much fun! 

 Let your creative side flow like the pouring of the paint.

This will be a time to let go, have a playful mindset and see what you can create. We will gather together... get instructions and guidance then pour some wine...pour some paint and get creative.

 This is a unique experience to tap into the beautiful chaos that is creation. 

As you may know I love abstract art and have painted and sketched this type of art most of my life. This is the first event of it's kind here in Greenville and I would love to have you join me!


Location is Greenway Farms and you can grab your spot here: BUY A TICKET

Cost is $85 per person and include canvas, paints, instructions and wine as well as creative fun company:)

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Beyond the known...

Beyond the known...
Excerpt from this week's newsletter:

"anxiety is tricky because most of the time you want to “figure it out” instead of accept it. If you can just accept the experience of anxiety what you begin to realize is that YOU ARE EXPERIENCING anxiety but YOU ARE NOT ANXIETY.

This one thought becomes a domino of empowerment because you stop chasing the “need to know” and you start integrating the present moment experience."

Presence is powerful!
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Acceptance facilitates presence...

Acceptance facilitates presence...
Our ways of blocking life are often subtle and hard to understand.

My own journey continues to remind me that when I reside within acceptance and not the negativity of resistance everything just flows better.

You see life is always happening and when we accept what is = is then we naturally allow life to keep flowing.

This doesn't mean that you have to "like" what is. It simply means that by accepting it you are opening yourself up to continue to move through the experience in a way that is in accordance with the natural flow of life.

Resistance just creates more of the same: anxiety, worry, fear's like a magnetic downward spiral.

Acceptance gives you the space needed for things to expand, grow, transform all while allowing you to maintain presence.

Presence is the only place true power resides. This is the meaning of "be here now."

May you accept today for what it is, be fully present in each moment and allow life to flow through you in ways that bring you peace, harmony and love.

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The Death of jeep van life...

The Death of jeep van life...
I have two months remaining as per my original intention and as I get ready to call it quits and get landed in a new home I have come to the realization that there are several things, including nomad life, that I will release at the end of 2023.

Thousands of miles, actually over 25000 miles right now, have offered much time to contemplate and self reflect.

Here is a tiny sliver of what I have gleaned thus far:

🌟 You can awaken NO ONE. - Only they can do the work, no matter how much potential you may see in them or no matter how much of yourself you offer them

🌟 If you do not integrate your supressed feelings you will exist in a mis-created reality which will lead to many more irrepressible emotions and wreckless creations - intention is the blueprint of NOW

🌟 If things are not working, ask yourself where you are out of alignment - this is all that matters - alignment creates stability which creates expansion and elevation

🌟 Safety is up to each individual to create for themself, it has to do with AWARENESS vs FEAR- high levels of fear will always equal feeling unsafe

🌟 You are awesome, keep that shit up - you were not made for a box - stop putting yourself in there to be digestible

🌟 People do not invest in what you do, they invest in why you do it. It’s time to remind people of your WHY Continue reading


Your healing journey is incomparable. You cannot quantify it via the lens of production equals value.

That’s a complete misalignment.
Healing is not linear nor is it about results.

Healing is about sustainability and longevity. Radical responsibility leads one through portal of initiation where every thing is alchemized.


Wellness, true wellness, is not about productivity it is about F E E L I N G ❤️


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Emotional Healing scale

“You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”
― The Wizard of Oz

(5 seconds per slide so you can screenshot if you desire:)

Your choice is your super power. How you exercise your Will is what creates the difference between healed and unhealed.

So many people reiterate the narrative of their trauma because of emoitonal addiction.

When you begin to take your power of choice to new dimensions of awareness you start to see how you can choose a different response.

This allows you to get out of the reactionary loop of old patterns and feelings.

Take the leap, you have the power. It's inside of you.
xo, Akasha
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Grounded action...

Grounded action...

When you know how to turn your healing into gold then you KNOW how to build your energy and take grounded action daily in order to have the tangible results you desire.

Reactionary tactics are costing you energy. Let's alchemize and liberate.

Learn more about Elemental Emotional Alchmey HERE

Freedom is your birthright.

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Alchemy requires sacrifice.

By sacrificing what no longer serves us we are able to transform anything into that which is of service to us and others.

Through the process of transmutation we alchemize that which no longer serves us into gold and it becomes something that is beneficial for all beings everywhere.

Our healing is a powerful place from which to serve humanity.

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