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The Universe has your back...all ways.

The Universe has your back...all ways.
Isn’t it amazing how the Universe always supports that which you desire heart, mind and body?

This is Soul Alignment .

When you line up your desires, your thoughts and your feelings things begin to manifest at lightening speed.

Your job is to name it.
Claim it.
Focus, it IS our super power.

What we focus on expands.
Your focus creates momentum.

Momentum means higher vibration.

You are no longer the effect, you
have BEcome the cause.

Move beyond the matrix of physical creation and you will step into your infinite

Everyday right now I name and claim something out loud and it happens!

How you ask?

Your body is the portal.
Your natural gift is frequency because you ARE energy.


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Five ways to live your best life!

Five ways to live your best life!

Here are five tips that are universal when it comes to enriching your days...

1.Prioritize Your Goals-
define what REALLY matters
2.Live Intentionally-spend your energy wisely
3.Stay Present-eliminate distractions
4.Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone-do something you wouldn't normally do
5.Declutter regularly: Literally, Mentally and Emotionally-create space in all ways


Try using a few of these and see what happens!

Enjoy, xoxo


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Emotional labor...

Emotional labor...

Cleansing negative energy doesn’t mean playing with the negativity and getting in your head about it.

It means to radiate the highest positivity with full TRUTH and SHINE. Show up 100% and the positive vibrations will naturally create a tipping point.

Create enough TRUTH Soul deep positive vibrations and the negative vibrations cannot exist in your reality.

You have the power.
You have had it all along.

This is not about toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing.

This is about showing up, fully empowered, fully present with all that is as it is and staying in your LIGHT.

As we come out of Navaratri (and integrate the 9 days of devotion to Divine Mother)and feel the full moon in Aries, we can all remember to show up and stand in our power.

To ride the waves of creation by consciously choosing to co-create with Divine energy and keep showing up for humanity in the highest way.

Tune your Soul to the Divine.
You are the LIGHT in the darkness.

Be the change🌟
With fierce devotion to YOU,
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Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd

Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd
As someone that has taught multiple physical movement modalities for over 27 years I can tell you that you are so much more than your body!

However, your body is a portal to your unique True Nature.

What you nurture grows. Knowing how to interpret your emotions comes from discernment and understanding that those emotions are a compass on your healing journey.

Your body and emotions coming together to help you step through the portal of your physical experience is just one of the many ways I am going to be helping you get Frequency Fit in my two day virtual retreat next month. (75-90 mins each day starting 9am EST)

Let's move beyond matter to find the ultimate connection in order to create all that we desire here on Earth.

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Shadows, Courage and Doing the Work...

Shadows, Courage and Doing the Work...

Looking into our shadows is what allows us to find our light.

So many of us have been programmed to ignore or repress that which feels negative or that we do not like. This furthers our attachment to fear based narratives that play out in our day to day life.

If you can allow these feelings to be a compass for your consciousness then your inner guidance system will show you the path of your liberation. The light in the darkness is not outside of you. It is within you, just like the stars🌟

Illumination does not occur because we desire it or talk about it. Illumination occurs because we are willing to walk into the dark depths within ourselves and shine the light of our awareness.

Join me for my next astrology course where we learn how to heal the physical body, balance our brain and truly illuminate our light.

You are unique and your path is YOURS. Taking ownership of our feelings, understanding where they are arising from and allowing ourselves the compassion to truly feel and express is how you HEAL once and for all.

PM for details if this resonates and I will save you a spot. Early bird rate is $333. Once the course opens price is $555.

With love and devotion to your Highest Self, 


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Wild Freedom equals Liberation

Wild Freedom equals Liberation

Loving nature, loving ourselves, releasing social conditioning is the essence of coming back home to our true nature.

Life is wild. Resistance creates friction and stops the flow.

Embrace the wild beauty, trust yourself and allow life to flow through you so that you may be held as Mother Earth holds us all.

No attachment, cyclical and ever present beauty, even in the winter there is still beauty.

Cycles of ease, cycles of friction…all cycles bring grace when we are willing to receive and be.

May you shake loose that which has a hold on you so that you step fully into your power and Soul Mission here on earth.


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Light Leaders Literary Club is HERE for all!

Light Leaders Literary Club is HERE for all!
I am pumped to announce my Light Leaders Literary Club is now available for all to join.

This is a club that I have been hosting privately since April 2022 and it has gotten such amazing feedback that I wanted to open it up to others to join me.(If you know me personally then you know I read an average of three books per week so there is gonna be some juicy goodness for you here!)

The Light Leaders Literary club is an empowerment book club. Whether you want to pick up the book I'm reading or just listen to my talk about the material, this book club is about gaining tangible knowledge that you can apply to your daily life to bring balance, harmony and ease into your reality. 

You can click here to sign up and join me! ( all discussions are recorded and housed inside the literary club platform for you if you cannot make the live online talks) Continue reading

Life Changes and Transitions

Life Changes and Transitions
LIfe changes and transitions are tricky🦄 on and off the mat.

Here you see me not only comtemplating my amazing foil head dress but also the massive changes to how I operate and make my offerings in person and online.

It does no one any good to offer them things that are of no benefit to them. If your clients are not in alignment with you it does not matter how hard you work to help them.

They are simply not in alignment.

Your frequential responsibility is to serve your Soul tribe. Serve those that want to grow, evolve and expand with your offerings.

You simply cannot fill up a person's cup that says one thing and does another. They have to truly be willing to recieve AND vice versa.

You as the coach, mentor, teacher, facilitator must also be willing to receive. This means you must also be willing to let go of what is no longer working.

The new paradigm is about collaboration. The time of individual and singular gains is coming to an end.

I serve the collective for the benefit of all inclusive of myself.

I look forward to sharing with you the many shifts and changes of evolution within myself and my business because they are one and the same.

I am Akasha. 🌟

Bearer of truth here as a channel for the awakening of others.

She who is here to show others how to move beyond self imposed limitations programmed into their consciousness.

While you wait for my final touches to be completed you can check my stories on IG to see what happened after I got out of this foil finery. (which was totally inspired by Leo Season 🦁)

In love and service to your Highest Self,
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