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Breathing Meditation

Breathing practice to balance mind, body and spirit. Alternate Nostril breathing has a direct effect on your brain harmony as well as your energy bodies. This breath practice also balances all seven chakras. It is powerful and you can feel benefits in just three minutes of practice!

Yoga Nidra Chakra Visualization

Yoga Nidra aka the Yogi's sleep is an amazing way to heal. This particular Nidra is layered with Theta Wave Binaural beats that are ideal for meditation and relaxation. In this practice, you will experience a full-body scam visualization practice and chakra visualization journey. This is a great introduction to Yoga Nidra if you have not tried it before and great for any level of practitioner.

Gongbath for Grounding

This is a gong bath meditation for all levels. The healing power of sound has been scientifically proven. Sound is everything and everything is sound! This particular gong is a 32" symphonic gong that balances all of the Chakras. The intention of this offering is specific to getting grounded. Meditation can be done seated while reclining or any position that allows for physical ease while the sounds of the gong wash over you releasing stored issues in the tissues without triggering you. Enjoy!

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