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I created The Self Illumination Process for people that want to live their best life but keep feeling like they are in their own way. You see, I was in my own way for quite a while. I just didn’t realize it until I started shifting my awareness and waking up to HOW I was in my own way.

For me, I was an overthinking, overworking, overachieving perfectionist struggling with anxiety and the concept of “getting it right.” Then one day I had an amazing therapist and we dove into what was actually causing me to overthink, overachieve and struggle with feeling good enough. It was during these years of therapy that I also picked up yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Actually, I was introduced to those tools first but they were not enough for me because they didn’t get to the ROOT of the issue.

That is the entire reason behind this movement. I want to help you get to the ROOT of why you don’t have what you desire most in your life. I am going to offer you a ton of tools and the reason I am going to offer you a TON of tools is because I know they work and illumination is a process of finding the BEST tools for YOU!

I spent years and over $100k on tools, teachings, coaching, therapist and self development courses and what I ultimately discovered is that we are our own best teacher. We are our own GURU. When we take the time to stop all the overthinking and performance drives perfectionism then we are able to start peeling back the layers of our programming and really get to the heart of what is creating the misalignment in our mind, body or spirit.

This is what I call TRUTH. No one can tell you your truth. No one can show you your truth. YOU have to discover it for yourself and thus The Self Illumination Process was born. I want to help humanity wake up. I want to help shift the collective consciousness of our planet to one of peace, love and harmony and I believe that the way to do this is by helping LIGHT you up.

The Self Illumination Process is a movement. It is my movement and I am beyond stoked to get to work with people and help them lighten up. I help overworking, overthinking, perfectionist release anxiety, fear and worry and live a life they are passionate about.

Why do I believe I can do this? I have DONE this for myself and I know this process works and even more than that, the time of the GURU is gone. It’s time for humanity to step up, claim their Divine power and collectively rise to a place of illuminated being. Together we rise. It only takes a single spark to light up the dark.

Lay down what you are carrying. Feel lighter. Shine brighter. Let me show you the way.

With much love, admiration and illumination

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