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We can only receive what we are willing to give ourselves. Looking for healing? Look into yourself and listen deeply. Looking for love? Show up for yourself and you will realize you have a great romance for the rest of your days.💜

Once you begin to reflect upon the many facets of your unique SOUL you can begin to value where you send and spend your energy. 🌟

I learned a while ago that I’m not for everyone and this helped me start to love and appreciate myself in ways that I could not have imagined. Especially in the hard times aka times of change when I had no idea where things would go or how things would unfold. 

I found a light within upon which to reflect and chose to consciously connect to my SOUL. I chose to see that I am a diamond 💎 white light and that it is my responsibility to shine and be as bright as possible.

Some people cannot be a part of that bright light because they are trying to break you down because of their own fears, worries, can choose to not invest in their narrative.


It’s ok to take care of you. It’s ok to realize that not everyone is for you. It’s ok to shine as bright as you can. You were made for this. Forged in creation’s crucible to become the beautiful bright diamond you are.


Shine today and everyday and remember it’s on YOU to discern how you spend your energy and who gets to access it. You hold all the keys 🔑