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Spiritual Donuts for tasty Awareness

Spiritual Donuts for tasty Awareness
In my most recent book,


I came up with this idea of Spiritual Donuts. These were really born from a conversation a few years ago with my friend Geoff (aka Geoffie). 

You see, at that time I was navigating my husband dying as well as learning to run his art business, traveling back and forth across the country weekly (he wanted to be with family) as well as complex family cords, needless to say I was tired and overwhelmed and Geoffie was on the other end of the phone doing what good friends do: holding space for me to breathe and giving me whatever support he could and he said the following:

"Girl, you are doing okay. F$@& the haters and give yourself some scooby snacks."

As you can imagine this made me laugh out loud. You see, with all that stuff going on in my life I still had people judging, critiquing and telling me that I wasn't doing things "right." 

I am not even sure if Geoffie knows how pivotal this conversation was for me. I was so focused on my #fofu (i describe this in my book) that it was hard to imagine being "good enough" to support my late husband on his journey to his last breath, not lose my shit on meaningless drama and at the same time keep remembering that I wasn't dying, just my entire life, friend group and so much more was dying and shifting.

It was a real "phoenix" moment to say the least. 

Now, almost four years later ,I am still processing some of the crazy stuff I navigated, including insurance, medical drama and inane conversations about $4 perscription fees. Needless to say, I will save the details for the book about my life with the late and amazing Grant Searcey but I am still rising from the ashes of what was my old life.

Anyhow, the whole point of this little post is to share with you this idea of #spiritualdonuts and that every now and then you need to stop, take a moment and just recognize how freaking amazing you are. I know my friend certainly helped buoy me at one of my lowest moments. (Thank you Geoffie.)

Remember, to quote Jen Sincero, "You are a badass. Keep that shit up!" 

Life, death and loss are all part of the ride here on Earth and when you can approach all of this with the awareness that this is the beauty of the human experience I can promise you that when that last breath comes it's going to be a lot easier to let go and celebrate the moment with full presence.

This human experience is a painfully beautiful ride and you derserve to be reminded from time to time that you are doing great. Keep it up. 

With love and devotion on your journey,