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The power of presence...

The power of presence...

The power and practice of full presence reminds us that true stillness can become the container for all transformation. 

You see, we have all been programmed that we need to "DO" something in order to "BE" somebody. All this doing just separates us from our true being. The more we focus on the the doing and the action the less fluidity and grace we often experience. 

The most energy clean/neutral way to navigate a challenge or some inner turmoil is to get still, get quiet and connect inward however ,the "animal" brain will push for reaction, action or stimulus AKA distraction from what we are actually feeling.

Every time that we ignore the full depth and experience of the feeling in order to "do" something we continue to create distance within ourselves and the collective. Needless to say, this also create distance in our relationships in our immediate presence. 

The gift of life is fully embodied in stillness. Yes, the irony here is palpable. Ultimately, that is the beauty of the human experience. 

Within this space and place of duality/polarity can we bring ourself into a state of stillness that is so calibrated with intention and being that we are able to come back home to our Divinity?

When we allow that stillness to be the container for our intention then it manifests in ways beyond our ability to "DO" as we are allowing ourself to "BE" all that is in the moment.

Remember, separation is an illusion and until we get quiet and go within, we are all playing a part UNconsciously. 

May we all take time today to get still, breathe and BE so that we begin to consciously collaborate with Source with each breath. 

In love and service, 


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