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The Liberated Dove

The Liberated Dove Certification is HERE! 

Dates and times for the Liberated Dove

Feb 21, 22, 23 and 24th 4pm daily 

Bonus group coaching call Saturday 25th 11am

This certification is all about helping you open the door of your Golden Cage. Helping you move beyond  your experiential limitations. I want to show you the way to setting yourself free every single day. 

This course is for anyone that is feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, or limited in their life in any way. We are going to shine the light of Spirit and activate the heart so that you can understand how to bring the mind and heart together to create heaven on earth in each of your days.

(There will be some astrology in this course and no previous knowledge is needed.)

A reminder of the certification topics: 

1. What is your golden cage and how can you unlock the door (you might be suprised by this one)

2. Where do you keep covering the cage and putting "Spirit to sleep" in your life

3.How do you let the caged bird sing (using your voice as a tool for liberation)

4. Taking flight- reCOGnition and consciousness