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My Timeline


Dual enrolled university and high school - saw education as my way out of not so great childhood


Graduated with full ride scholarship options, chose UGA, was in top 3 of class-spent summer in Europe with a friend and her family, we camped for most of the time-developed a love affair with culture, art, fashion, food and traveling is still a passion...5 star or tent in the middle of no where..I LOVE it all.


Moved out west to Taos NM lived there for many years and eventually got married to a funny, intelligent and creative ski bum :) -raw beauty-earth based - love it there.


Introduced to Yoga - YESSS - this was helping me with anxiety as there was problems arising in my relationship.


Hawaii-Maui-one of my heart homes for sure-started to see I needed to be more feminine-healing-also my marriage was not going -surfed, took photos-worked on my tan and thought a lot about life-separated and then divorced funny, intelligent, and creative man that preferred drugs and ski bum lifestyle to my desire to grow and travel the world.


Photography degree from NY Institute of Photography- specifically I was working in the darkroom which now I have realized was my fascination with revealing that which others cannot always see :)




Got back together with previous husband as felt like i didn't give it 100% and he was drug free unfortunately we just didn't fit and early 2003 we ended it for real.


Went to Cuba for two weeks, one of the best trips ever, so gorgeous there and stayed with locals and just magical time in my life and yes it was illegal but I am a bit of a rule breaker anyway.


Back in Taos for the summer to teach Yoga and run a friend's store as she was adopting a child with high levels of past trauma and started really exploring making jewelry-creativity has always been therapeutic for me.


NM teaching Yoga- Grant Searcey came to a Yoga class that I was teaching-we talked about skiing and yoga and in general just had some great laughs. VERY short version-fell in love and later that year I moved to LA to live with Grant after he had a heart transplant.


Living in LA- Feb Grant and I get married in Santa Monica. We decide to start a jewelry company together later that year and Grant starts painting more full time as well as creating jewelry.


Growing our business, working with Grant everyday, teaching Yoga to him and anyone else that wants it for free. These were the hustle hard years because Grant's medical care and insurance was the main priority but we still had a blast and traveled in the USA a bit.