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Moon Bathing...

Moon Bathing...


Working in the Shadows

Today I was cleaning and listening…mostly listening to this thought process I was having about the full moon and how I love lying nude in the moonlight. You may know that I charge my crystals with the sun and the full moon like many crystal lovers. A little over a year ago I started charging myself with the crystals. Let me explain…

At the time I was teaching a lot about Shadow Work and of course was doing my own inner work. As I continued my growth journey I started thinking that the only reason that things in the dark seem so scary is because we are often unfamiliar with them. Fear, like a magnifying glass, takes that unknown and gets you to myopically focus on it with your thoughts and then it expands to something beyond its actual proportion.

At the time that I was thinking these thoughts, I realized that if I simply rested in the shadows, lingered in stillness then I would be able to see the light even in the darkness. This is how my moon bathing began and like my crystals, I FEEL different. I am charged by the Mother. This tapping into my own depths has allowed me to illuminate so many other aspects of my daily existence. It has also allowed me to walk with my shadows in compassion. More importantly, it has allowed me to rest within the Divine Feminine energy that I have always felt was lacking within me. I have realized that this energy was within me always but I was tapping into too much solar energy. 

Taking this time in the moonlight has given me the awareness that I don’t always have to be the doer. Actually, it has proven to me that the more I can get still and stay out of the way, the more that Source offers all to me effortlessly. My only action is to recognize and accept with grace. My responsibility is to attune myself daily and be mindful of what my feelings and thoughts line of with.

The next full moon I hope to inspire you to sit in the moonlight. Bask in the shadows…you will be amazed at all the beauty waiting for you there. You just might find a new level of illumination and awareness. Charge yourself in the darkness of the night upon the full moon and then look at how you SHINE. ✨ 

Much love, Akasha