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Slowing down...

Slowing down...

So many times people think they need a cleanse however the truth of the matter is this: Most people are TIRED not toxic.


They actually need to cleanse their mind and body from habitual stress.


Often, the biggest challenge to actually getting rest is the fear of slowing down.


The inner critic loves to rally you with narrative around things like :


“ How do I act if I am not doing something?”


“It can’t be this easy can it?”


“Shouldn’t I be doing more?”


“If I don’t produce then do I have value?”


“What am I suppose to do if I am not “doing” anything?”


I know all the stories because I have encountered them myself. The great irony of stillness and rest is the more you practice taking time for health and healing the MORE time you GAIN.




We are always digesting with our body, our eyes, our ears and the rest of our senses. Every single time you hold space for integration you stabilize and recalibrate your nervous system.


Your nervous system is the operating system of your body. If it’s fried, overwhelmed, exhausted ALL of you is fried, overwhelmed and exhausted.


When you take time to define and create restful practices that are all about slowing down and opening your body through passive presence you begin to embrace the true power of rest in your everyday life.


How are you going to hold space for rest and ease in your day today? 

Much love, Akasha