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The Death of jeep van life...

The Death of jeep van life...
I have two months remaining as per my original intention and as I get ready to call it quits and get landed in a new home I have come to the realization that there are several things, including nomad life, that I will release at the end of 2023.

Thousands of miles, actually over 25000 miles right now, have offered much time to contemplate and self reflect.

Here is a tiny sliver of what I have gleaned thus far:

🌟 You can awaken NO ONE. - Only they can do the work, no matter how much potential you may see in them or no matter how much of yourself you offer them

🌟 If you do not integrate your supressed feelings you will exist in a mis-created reality which will lead to many more irrepressible emotions and wreckless creations - intention is the blueprint of NOW

🌟 If things are not working, ask yourself where you are out of alignment - this is all that matters - alignment creates stability which creates expansion and elevation

🌟 Safety is up to each individual to create for themself, it has to do with AWARENESS vs FEAR- high levels of fear will always equal feeling unsafe

🌟 You are awesome, keep that shit up - you were not made for a box - stop putting yourself in there to be digestible

🌟 People do not invest in what you do, they invest in why you do it. It’s time to remind people of your WHY
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