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It is the constant. Our response to it becomes the consistency. I have chosen to change and grow with each shift, even when I do not understand it with my mind. 

In less than 29 months my entire life has transitioned into something still evolving and changing. So much change…

My husband, best friend and soul mate has died, both of our dogs have died, there has been a pandemic and my yoga community has dispersed due to massive shifts in the yoga industry. I think this is what you could easily call a “tower” moment. I know that’s what tarot calls it for sure.

Some have asked me, “How do you do it? How do you keep smiling amidst all this death and change?” It’s pretty simple really…the answer is MINDFULNESS. 

Static life, rigid mind. Dynamic life, ever expanding consciousness coupled with courageous SPIRIT. We are all constantly navigating creation, maintenance and destruction on a cellular level daily but most of us walk around distracted, disconnected or even more challenging in despair. 

My life is a richly woven tapestry of grace and good. Through the death and loss I have developed friendships in ways I never have in my life. Though the constant changes in my business I have been reminded of my resilience and ever unfolding and evolving creativity. 

More importantly I have been a witness to the Divine energies within me unfolding in ways that would have never happened if my life wasn’t going the way it is. 

You may see loss…I see transformation.

You may see sadness … I see deliverance.

You may see suffering … I see freedom.

Everything in life is energy. What we focus on expands and while I may get mired in some of the human aspects for a minute or an hour I am every MINDFUL of the unique beauty of the human experience. My friend says it best…”It’s the price of admission.” 

One that I will gladly pay to have the love that I have had thus far in my life. One that I will gladly pay to have the friends that I have had thus far. One that I will gladly pay to weave this richly woven tapestry for I am a LIFE artist. I AM the weaver of this dream. I AM able to choose beauty and grace with each breath and so it is….

Walk with me and I will show you that you can live a life that benefits all beings everywhere INCLUSIVE of you. This is your DIVINE birthright. 

Even the past few days, more big changes... yet friends supported me and loved me, Angels showed up and gifted me with guidance and my gratitude abounds to the point of tears. Love, loss, letting go is part of the aspect of our human experience but it never has to mean suffering. As many philosophers say…pain no choice, suffering…you always have a choice.

I use my free will to stay MINDFUL. I use my free will in service of others. I use my free will to choose to be receptive to all the support that abounds in my life and beyond. Change is the constant and my consistent response to it is to leap, grow wings and bask in the glory of the LIGHT.