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I was editing the first book that I wrote today and this really stood out. (getting ready for a re-publish:)

You see most people are going to talk about all kinds of shit but at the end of the day their actions are going to show you who they truly are.

I have worked decades on lining up my words and actions. I actually work on this every single day. Congruency is absolutely necessary for manifesting your heart's desires. Living from the heart means no lies, drama, false, fake bullshit from you or anyone else in your world.

Speaking your truth can be hard. We all got shit to do every day that is challening.

However, not living in alignment is going to be a lot harder than speaking up for yourself and trusting your intuition.

If you don't have your back why would anyone else have it?

You are going to have a lot more fun, experience deeper quality relationships and find the ultimate truth when you start trusting yourself enough to hold boundaries that other people cross based on their fears.

Be different.
Set boundaries.
Be conscious and recognize when things are not in alignment and take the proper action for YOU.

The UNIVERSE has your back especially when you take heart based action for the benefit of all beings everywhere INCLUSIVE of you.

Go LIVE CONSCIOUSLY and watch how things unfold for you. It will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Stay Illuminated🌟