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Exciting Announcement 📣

Exciting Announcement 📣
Hey Sweet Soul!

I am so excited to share something with you:)

I have spent ten months....
Calling it forth into the aethers.
Planting the seeds.
Nurturing their growth every single day.
Lighting the way for others.
Allowing grace to flow through me so that I can hold the space of transformation for others. 
I’m totally excited to say that 
my Self Illuminate app is here.

I did it.
We did it.(thank you founding memebers!)
A place has been created for you to awaken, transform and become Self Illuminated.

This app is FREE for you to download and access some great goodies and then of course you can upgrade if you desire but it is not required. I just added a free 5 day Course on Affirmations! Be sure to check it out.

In ten months I have taught over 400 classes, courses, audios and there is so much more to be housed in this High Vibrational platform.

You see I did not create this for me, I created for YOU. 

This is my movement.

My movement is about humanity waking up to our Divine truth.

Self Illumination is a process of growth, development and balancing the conscious and subconscious minds for harmony, peace, joy and so much more.

We did not come here to live in fear pain and suffering. We came here to be creators and leading edge explorers.

This means creating what we desire in our hearts so that we may experience Heaven on Earth.

This means living in alignment with the universe and natural law.

Healthy, happy people can create a healthy, happy world in which we are all loved, cherished and accepted. 

May you you choose to access all the goodness I have created within this intentional space. 

May you realize your awesomeness.

May you KNOW that the light is not out there somewhere IT IS YOU.

Light it up.
Let’s live in Love as we intended.

Let’s unite mind, body and spirit and become the illuminated beings we came here to be.

Much love, gratitude and light to you now and always.