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Rising from the ashes...

Rising from the ashes...

During the span of 2018-2020, I experienced a massive consciousness shift, my late husband passed away, both of our dogs died, a pandemic occurred and my healthy yoga center business nose dived. 

All this happened in 29.5 months. You can imagine that this could be a nightmare. A crazy cosmic joke;/

However, I chose to see it as the greatest opportunity life has ever offered me : a complete and total reset of all that I THOUGHT I wanted and had created. (this choice was me actively participating with life #cocreation)

Most people usually stop listening right here so be sure to perk up your ears and eyes: if you keep seeing that you are a victim in any part of your life then you believe that you are a victim in EVERY part of your life.

 You might want to read that again, out loud.

 When we have a victim mindset we feel that we do not have any control over things in our life. (we cannot say that we want to release being a victim in just one area of life as this is not congruent. When we release a frequency from our life it is cleared in every layer, level and dimension)

 In realizing that everything is energy and that energy is a reflection or our intention we must take clear action. (intentional action leads to an intentional life which naturally leads to attracting more than you can possibly imagine)

 How does this relate to what I previously shared?

Spending my life energy creating a reality based in partnership with murky boundaries, creating a business that wanted to serve from a place of listening to others and not myself, as well as working myself to the bone was not in alignment with what I spent my days devotedly channeling in meditation, movement and visualization.  

I was being incongruent and couldn’t even see it because I was trying so damn hard to make others happy and not myself.

In the beginning of 2018 I had massive upgrades in my consciousness and literally became so clear in my energetic boundaries that I watched my ENTIRE life burn down. At one point I had my late husband’s ashes and both my dogs' ashes in my house. 

I literally had an entire life in ashes.

This was freaking hard. Fortunately, part of those upgrades/consciousness also included a level of awareness and self trust that allowed me to stay the course and walk the path daily with clarity.

This clarity allowed me to stay in total resonance with the intention I set in 2018 and thus anything that was non-resonate had to go. Now, a lot of that change happened in ways that I could never have imagined. I chose to trust the process.


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