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Stand Up....

Stand Up....

So many of us light workers have a hard time speaking our truth and standing up for ourselves. 

This can often be because channeling the sun energy or masculine energy can feel foreign or better yet overwhelming and so we simply remain quiet and bottle up the feelings which later turn Into suppressed anger.

What if we star seeds simply saw this energy as ENERGY. 

What if we were to use this energy for the benefit of all beings everywhere inclusive of ourselves?

What if we stand up for ourselves and speak our truth from a place of loving our self and holding space for all involved in the moment? What if we stand up because we are standing up for the benefit of all while standing in our TRUE power?

Accountability all around.

When you speak your truth in a way that is inclusive then you are having an impact on the world. A blocked throat chakra helps no one. Suppressed anger eats you up inside and creates more of the same on the outside. You have a voice and it’s important to use it for everyone including YOU.

Set your boundaries and when they are crossed speak up. 

Stand up for you. 

You are worthy. 

You deserve to enjoy your human experience too. 

Earth is a school so let’s learn how to love ourselves enough to speak our truth and stop stamping out our feelings or shoving them down because they are uncomfortable…

Stop being brainwashed into hiding how you truly feel. 

Your feelings are the greatest asset you have on the path of your ascension. Be a little uncomfortable, be honest, be courageous and stand in your TRUTH from a place of love, light and channeling energy for the benefit of all. 


This works….just try it 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼


art by STIK