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Divine Feminine Energy

Divine Feminine Energy


Divine Feminine Energy is something that we must dance with daily. So many of us have been programmed to give until we are empty. The only way that you can give completely is to be balanced in the energies that run within you and operate the universe in totality. 

So much of the old paradigm has been about Divine Masculine energy and we are in a space where we must consciously choose to balance this out.

As we collectively shift and create the new earth, it is vitally important to remember that we all must be willing to RECEIVE as much as we GIVE. 

It is one thing to want to create something and manifest it, however, if you are not in BALANCE, then its going to be challenging to bring that unexpressed desire into the third dimension. Manifestation is about alignment. Alignment is about harmony.

Harmony is your body an the planets natural state. It is seeking harmony with every aspect of its life force aka vital energy aka PRANA. 

Dancing with Divine Feminine energy will allow you to take a quantum leap in your healing if you have been overly invested in the Divine Masculine energies throughout your life. I know I have seen my own healing take amazing leaps and bounds in a short period of time due to the process of understanding and harmonizing these energies within me. 


Check out my 4 part series titled: Becoming the Chatelaine of your Consciousness: Embodying the Divine Feminine 

This class series will help you to understand how on a cellular level  we can take quantum leaps for healing when we balance the energies within us.