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Life Changes and Transitions

Life Changes and Transitions
LIfe changes and transitions are tricky🦄 on and off the mat.

Here you see me not only comtemplating my amazing foil head dress but also the massive changes to how I operate and make my offerings in person and online.

It does no one any good to offer them things that are of no benefit to them. If your clients are not in alignment with you it does not matter how hard you work to help them.

They are simply not in alignment.

Your frequential responsibility is to serve your Soul tribe. Serve those that want to grow, evolve and expand with your offerings.

You simply cannot fill up a person's cup that says one thing and does another. They have to truly be willing to recieve AND vice versa.

You as the coach, mentor, teacher, facilitator must also be willing to receive. This means you must also be willing to let go of what is no longer working.

The new paradigm is about collaboration. The time of individual and singular gains is coming to an end.

I serve the collective for the benefit of all inclusive of myself.

I look forward to sharing with you the many shifts and changes of evolution within myself and my business because they are one and the same.

I am Akasha. 🌟

Bearer of truth here as a channel for the awakening of others.

She who is here to show others how to move beyond self imposed limitations programmed into their consciousness.

While you wait for my final touches to be completed you can check my stories on IG to see what happened after I got out of this foil finery. (which was totally inspired by Leo Season 🦁)

In love and service to your Highest Self,
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