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Moving inward with Yoga Nidra Meditations

Moving inward with Yoga Nidra Meditations

This time of year ayurvedically is the time of year were we shift inward. We slow down. 

Just look at what's happening in nature and this will be a great indicator of how we could choose to align with the natural world. 

For all of humanity's creations, many people still walk around in discomfort and dis-ease. Going inward and aligning with the natural ways of the Universe is an ideal "reset" for your mind and body. 

I would love for you to join me this holiday season for my 4 part Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra is something that yogis swear by! 

One hour of this practice is like four hours of regular sleep for your nervous system. 

Set the intention to choose you this holiday season and allow yourself to consciously relax and restore. 

Look forward to seeing you soon!