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Self Care Awareness

Self Care Awareness

Self care awareness is something that we all must culitvate daily. Especially if we are choosing to live a Soul fed life. Taking care of and loving yourself is much beyond pedicures and manicures which many have been taught to believe is real self care. 

Truthfully, self care awareness requires strong boundaries and a willingness to integrate your own personal shadows. This is a practice of not only loving yourself and others but also of trusting yourself. 

When you begin to trust that you know what is best for you then you will begin to see your life truly change because you are being led by your Soul. Do not let others tell you who YOU are. Do not take on other people's baggage and please do not spend your precious life energy trying to convince other's that you are worthy of their time and love.

To be clear, I am not talking about cutting people out of your life or judging others for how they want to live and then saying that these things are just "not in alignment" with you. No I am dicussing radical acceptance here. Acceptance of what you cannot change in life as well as knowing that you have the power to decide what you can and cannot navigate with your current consciousness. 

Which, ultimately, will come down to what you want on a Soul level. You see, your ego will tell you stories so that you can justify your actions. Your Soul will ask you to feel into that story with your heart so that you can move beyond your mind and the constant trap of fear.

Your mind is the great illusionist and fear is its best trick. Your emotions are your compass and it is up to you to decide if you are going to allow yourself to take a journey into the depths of you and see past the narrative of the mind to the shores of connection.

Only you can captain the inner sea of Self. Only you can trust yourself enough to see your true value. 

Enjoy the journey and remember your worth. 

Much love, Akasha