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Recently I decided no more holding back. No more compartmentalism in order to make others more comfortable. True alignment is FLUID!!! On that note I have decided to share my writings publicly however not in any specific order. Just that which resonates each day.

I wrote this poem a long while ago yet in my waking moments today I thought about grief and how ALL of us will experience it. So here it is and I always liked this poem even though it’s intense I still think it’s damn good writing. TRUTH is like that…intense but awesome 🤩

May we have the courage to begin a new dialogue about grief. One that is fluid and recognizes that there are no steps to grief. It is a path we all walk and an aspect of the flow of our life’s experience with many twists and turns.



Like some sort of gloss
Over all

This persistent
Ever present pall

I know I’m more than this
What it looks like
I cannot guess

Beyond the gloss
The pale of days
A little like what I imagine hell
In many ways

I keep moving
Showing up

Know that emptiness
Is not the only aspect of my cup

Instead trusting with full faith
That there is more
Than what I feel in this
Single day 

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