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Beyond the Viel...

Beyond the Viel...

Our human mind is so constituted. Just like juice in a the old school cans.

The mind resists whatever doesn’t conform to its previous impressions,thoughts and considerations.

Your individuality is your personality still seeking to maintain separation. You MUST accept and love yourself as you are in order to move beyond the veil of illusive narrative.

Through loving self as IS you accept SOURCE as all.

Does a limb of your body set itself apart as though separate and operating separately from all that is? is part of the whole just as your are part of the whole.

You are a certain phase of Divinity that can only ever be expressed as YOU.

We are each attributes of Divinity.

May you step fully into your DIVINE truth today and everyday.

Illumination is one simple choice away.

Much love ❤️

Stay Illuminated,