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Illness Programming and Stepping out of The Spritual Closet

Illness Programming and Stepping out of The Spritual Closet

(artwork is by Rebecca Campbell)

No more hiding your truth.

We hear this but I am not sure that many of us truly understand how to practice this in our day to day lives. So with that said, here are a few questions to consider:

1.Do you show up 100% authentically to everything that you do without doubt?

2.Do you let others know about your doubts?

3.Do you sometimes think “ If they only knew how I really felt?”

These are just a few ways to ponder if you are hiding layers of yourself from others. When we have the ability to simply allow ourself to show up as the full cornucopia of all that we are then we are actually allowing our shadows to come into the light.

This is healing.

This is unconditional loving and living. When we have the ability to love ourself no matter what we think may be wrong with us then we truly become enlightened.

Now, on the other end of this when we hide our truth then we build of anger and suppressed animosity that can later turn into symptoms or even dis-ease. Isn’t it time for all of us to stop buying into the illness programming we received as children?

What is illness programming?

Illness programming is that idea that life is going to have some layer of illness and if you just accept that then you can survive. We have all been habituated to just accept that dis-ease is a part of life and this is absolutely not truth.

Dis-ease stems from the inability to fully be honest with ourself. Dis-ease stems from the inability to unconditionally show up fully to each and every moment of life, no matter what anyone else thinks.

This conditional programming places us in a box of immediate limitation and dissatisfaction. These instantly create internal friction which leads to dis-ease.

The concept of loving yourself is becoming very popular in the world with mindfulness and #selfcare days however I gotta tell you that I am seeing people just use these bandwagon terms as other methods of checking out.

Not hiding your truth means that you are checking in with each opportunity. Not hiding means loving those parts of yourself that you feel are dark. Not hiding means realizing that you are loved unconditionally and if you allow your conditional limitations of mind to fall away then you will feel that you have stepped into a new paradigm of living and loving life.

You see, when we stop hiding, start loving, well this is in fact the most potent way of living.

Enough falseness already exist in the old matrix of our world. Stop wearing the masks. Come out of the proverbial closet and allow yourself to be fully YOU.

Besides, you are Source energy. There is nothing wrong with you. You are worthy.

Now get out there and shine, live your best life and love yourself while you are doing it!

May you be happy.

May you be safe.

May you be love(d).




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Everything is changing outside and inside of us.

Remember to trust yourself, listen to your intuition and rebuke fear.

You are light sweet one.

May your day be full of grace and ease.



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Light Leaders

Light Leaders
"Feeling is the language that speaks to the Divine Matrix (the Universe). Feel as though your goal is accomplished and your prayer is already answered."
-Gregg Braden

Part 2 of our book club discussion of The Divine Matrix is now available to all members!

I am so excited for those of you joining me on the journey of self study and revelation and remembrance of our unending and ever present deep connection with all that IS.

Much love, Akasha

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Personal Frequency Responsibility

Personal Frequency Responsibility
"If we have a fertile mind and an open heart, we can actually be like a chalice and receive that which comes from the Cosmos."-M. Lindfield

When we begin to understand the body is a portal to greater awareness we naturally increase our receptivity.

Think of your heart as the receiver and your mind as the antenna.

You have the power to receive all that you desire, the big key is to make sure that you are energy CLEAN.

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Equinox Blessings

Equinox Blessings

During the autumnal equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of rays.

May you find this same level of enLIGHTenment in all your days now and always.

xo, Akasha

art by @cosmiccollage

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Excert from Self Illumination...

Excert from Self Illumination...

Sunday thoughts on a rainy day include and excert from my next book titled Self Illumination. 

As I wrap up 9 months worth of daily, dedicated study with some of the world's best teachers of energy and healing I am reminded of this chapter. 

We must have coherence in all ways in order to take grounded action daily and not overthink, over analyze our feelings. 

Feel the feelings, have the thoughts, however, always remember you are so much more than these two things combined. 

You are an infinite creator.

Embrace your Light!



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Durga: Mothering Humanity

Are you familiar with the story of Durga? 🐅

She is usually depicted carrying various weapons in each of her eight hands, representative of the gods combining their energies in her. She is usually seen riding a lion or tiger as well - very fitting animals for such a warrior.

Her name even literally means ''invincible.''

I say mantras dedicated to her everyday. You see I feel kismet with her in so many ways. 

All those weapons she brought for her epic battle with the demons reminds me of all the tools that I have to offer my clients as they battle their inner narratives.

For so many years, I have placed myself inside this "yoga" box. In the last few years I have upleveled into some great new skillsets as well as polished some exisiting one. 

I can 100% confirm that I am officially outside the "yoga" box.

Yoga is just one of the many tools that I have to offer my clients as I nurture them on their path of self awareness and development.

My offerings have expanded immensely. Things like nutrition and Soul coaching have always been present but I have added energy work, astrology, oracle card readings and new movement forms like Tai Chi to the roster, as well as continuing to teach amazing classes on consciousness. When you understand how to love and nurture yourself, you can truly begin to experience deep healing. No longer pulled down by those mental demons!

One thing all my clients agree on is my steady, stable and grounded approach to serving my clients to the deepest level possible as they take the path of their liberation to get out of their own way is powerful and effective and most importantly: fiercely transformational! 

From podcasts, to Youtube Series, to in person experiences, the loyalty of my committment to my clients and offering them tangible tools that work just for them and their unique experiences in life rings loud and clear.

There is nothing like being held in a safe space and giving yourself permission to grow and be vulneralble because you know that I have got your back!

Now that I am outside the box, one of my new platforms is The Seeker Sanctuary and it now has multiple layers of membership to fit any and all needs, budgets and schedules. I have spent the last month creating this platform and these memberships for anyone seeking a safe place with content that helps you feel supported and elevated mind, body and Spirit.

You can see all these amazing offerings here by clicking the image below or using the link above↕️


In my efforts to fiercely mother humanity to awaken, I have learned the vital importance of like minded community, self care and discernment. It is in taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions that we can light up our life.

I am so grateful to have a life that allows me to hold space for others to grow and connect deeply with themselves, their community and the collective while moving out of old patterns, programs and 3d matrix bullshit. 

If you are ready to navigate the depths of your inner narrative in order to liberate yourself from pain, FOMO, comparison, judgement, anxiety and overall suffering please reach out so that I can help you find the right membership, tool or class offering to support you on your path.

In gratitude and service, 


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Manifest By Being Able to Receive

Manifest By Being Able to Receive

If you are always pouring out and find it a challenge to allow life and people in your life to pour into you then it's going to be hard for you to attract what you truly desire.

Being able to receive is absolutely necessary to live a life full of vitality. Your full cup in life is what actually magnetizes your heart's desires to you. 

When you keep giving without slowing down and taking the time and opportunity to recieve then you are basically on a one way street.  

ALL energy in life has an ebb and flow and when you understand that all life operates according to Natural Law you will intrinsically become aware of how energy MUST move in order to facilitate harmony and wellbeing. 

Sure there is some law of attraction here BUT what supersedes this is the law of vibration. Example of application below: 

"If you want love but do not give love, for example, you're sending the universe a message about your priorities. If you repeat an affirmation but don't believe what you're saying, it's useless. "When we focus on what we want versus what we don't want, it will show up in our life,"

If you say you want to slow down, have more time, enjoy life, you feel empty etc..yet you keep over sheduling yourself then you have a clear misalignment of vibrations. Keep pouring out energy and this may cause an effect that you do NOT desire. (Trust me when I say it's better for you to be the cause and not the effect of energy.)

This is just one more example of how powerful hermetic principles are in the path or health and wellbeing. If you are feeling run down, tired, stressed, depleted I suggest you take a hard look at your out pouring of energy.

Where is it not filling YOU up? 

This is the place where life can change. Look where the drain is. Shine the light of your awareness and you will be amazed how fast that which you desire comes into your life. The key is you have to be willing to change, evolve and grow beyond where you are right now. 

Health and radiance is your birth right. When action, desire and heart line up you will find you are living the reality you always wanted.

With admiration for your corageous effort in life, 



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