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Angel Tarot Reading June 2022

Angel Tarot Reading June 2022

This month it's all about moving away from overthinking and allowing inner balance to help you trust your intuition so that you are ready and willing to recieve abundance in all forms. When you realize that there are no wrong decisions you will then be able to release the old, find peace and step into a new layer and level of abundance in your life. 


Blessings always, Akasha

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The Angel Card reading for July

In the video I mention Saturn energy for the Emperor card from the aspect of Divine Masculine energy however there is massive Aires energy present in this card. Aires is independent, assertive, self assured and known for taking charge. Often a better leader than a doer lol


The Release card is connected to Scorpio which is all about new beginnings and letting go of old, outdated stuff. Scorpio is all about deep dives of inner exploration and evolution. 


You can work with Archagel Azrael who's name means "whom God helps" by reciting the following prayer: 

Archangel Azrael, Angel of Peace and Comfort,

I pray to you today and always, I invoke your presence and ask for your help.

Fill me with your eternal comfort and peace and heal me from my pains.



You can work with Archangel Michael who's name means, "he who is like God" by reciting this prayer: 

Archangel Michael, please protect me from all lower energies today, and keep harsh vibrations far away

Please surround me with your light, and infuse my aura with your might. 

(prayer by Robert Reeves)

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