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Releasing Childhood Trauma

Releasing Childhood Trauma

Releasing childhood trauma is something that is necessary in order to live a fulfilling life based in the present moment. You see, if we cannot speak our truth and release these past pains we will simply just keep burying them and layering distractions (often self annihalating ones) so we don't have to think or feel these old wounds.

I am personally familiar with this because cintinually processing my childhood  allows me to keep my heart open, release old patterns that repeated play out in my reality as well as become a powerful manifestor of a life I desire to live with zest and joy.

As early as this morning, yep today, I was processing some childhood fear filled silence. You see, I went ot bed late and of course slept in late. As I was waking, I happened to look at the time and then jumped out of bed and said out loud "oh my gosh it's late Teddy (that's my dog-no boyfriend yet haha). Next, I had this "mind movie" play out and it was full of all kinds of juicy OLD stuff. 

You see, in this little "mind movie" my brain brought forth all the times in my life I had heard the word "lazy" when I slept in late or the words "you aren't going to amount to much if you sleep all day" and of course other stuff.

Just this morning I realized that this deep seated program in my mind has been a major trauma from my childhood to the point where I have had many years of my life fearing going to sleep. Like I have anxiety about falling asleep and then oversleeping or concern that if I sleep in other's will percieve me as not "good enough". 

How freaking crazy is this? 

Releasing childhood trauma can be this simple. Recognizing the program, choosing to release the program and for me today consciously creating a new neural network around the concept that rest means less stress which is 100% correct.

That outdated program needs to go. Besides, it isn't true. I know lots of writers, artists, successful business owners that sleep past 7am or only work 3-4 hours a day.

Heck, this epiphany has inspired this blog along with some video content for my Youtube channel. Not a bad day's work before 10:30am.:) Ultimately, we have to speak up about our needs. We have to move beyond the idea that we must keep those old traumas smothered in painful silence. When I rest more, I create more. This is true for me.

Silence is golden when you are sitting in it and meditating and listening to the whispers of your Soul. However, silence can also be a violent force of opression to that still quiet voice of the inner child that feels unheard. 

When we take time to start processsing and integrating the old wouds of the past and I am certain we are able to release what has long been repressed and allow our voice to come to the surface so that we can speak into existence what we  desire from a space of clarity and stability deep within our heart..

In order to release childhood trauma we must first begin the journey of self study.

Curiosity is key.

If you are curious about where to get started please take a moment and read about The Self Illumination Process.

I created this movement to help others unleash their light and liberate themselves from old patterns in order to live a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment. This process works and I would love to support you on your healing journey.

xo, Akasha

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