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Acceptance facilitates presence...

Acceptance facilitates presence...
Our ways of blocking life are often subtle and hard to understand.

My own journey continues to remind me that when I reside within acceptance and not the negativity of resistance everything just flows better.

You see life is always happening and when we accept what is = is then we naturally allow life to keep flowing.

This doesn't mean that you have to "like" what is. It simply means that by accepting it you are opening yourself up to continue to move through the experience in a way that is in accordance with the natural flow of life.

Resistance just creates more of the same: anxiety, worry, fear's like a magnetic downward spiral.

Acceptance gives you the space needed for things to expand, grow, transform all while allowing you to maintain presence.

Presence is the only place true power resides. This is the meaning of "be here now."

May you accept today for what it is, be fully present in each moment and allow life to flow through you in ways that bring you peace, harmony and love.

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