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Uncage your heart...

Uncage your heart...
If you stay in the “always learning” and not integrating then you are literally polluting your mind with data. Not to mention messing with your nervous system!

Unused and unprocessed data goes straight to the subconscious mind and often is something we use AGAINST ourselves.

You know what I am talking about here. You might hear yourself say things like, “I know what to do but I am just not doing it.”

This is the perfect example of how we beat ourselves up with unintegrated information.

Taking time to integrate, connect and apply your learning is what actually provides you with wisdom.

Deliberately holding space for yourself creates the transformation from learning to KNOWING.

This is what allows you to take action on your heart’s desires. Continue reading


You see, feelings can FEEL messy sometimes. Why? They feel messy because they are SO big (energetically powerful) and we are not really taught how to express them nor do we sometimes feel safe expressing our feelings. Now fast forward to the reality that you are an adult and well you may have spent most your life not communicating with a very HUGE part of YOU. Continue reading

Replay of a Meditation for Grief

Replay of a Meditation for Grief

I taught this class a while ago on Insight Timer and felt like it was definitely worth sharing here in my blog as I have been on a journey for the last few years and at the beginning of this class I discuss this a bit with those that showed up for the live class.

Enjoy 😊 

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