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Emotional labor...

Emotional labor...

Cleansing negative energy doesn’t mean playing with the negativity and getting in your head about it.

It means to radiate the highest positivity with full TRUTH and SHINE. Show up 100% and the positive vibrations will naturally create a tipping point.

Create enough TRUTH Soul deep positive vibrations and the negative vibrations cannot exist in your reality.

You have the power.
You have had it all along.

This is not about toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing.

This is about showing up, fully empowered, fully present with all that is as it is and staying in your LIGHT.

As we come out of Navaratri (and integrate the 9 days of devotion to Divine Mother)and feel the full moon in Aries, we can all remember to show up and stand in our power.

To ride the waves of creation by consciously choosing to co-create with Divine energy and keep showing up for humanity in the highest way.

Tune your Soul to the Divine.
You are the LIGHT in the darkness.

Be the change🌟
With fierce devotion to YOU,
xoxo🔥🐅🔥 Continue reading

Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd

Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd
As someone that has taught multiple physical movement modalities for over 27 years I can tell you that you are so much more than your body!

However, your body is a portal to your unique True Nature.

What you nurture grows. Knowing how to interpret your emotions comes from discernment and understanding that those emotions are a compass on your healing journey.

Your body and emotions coming together to help you step through the portal of your physical experience is just one of the many ways I am going to be helping you get Frequency Fit in my two day virtual retreat next month. (75-90 mins each day starting 9am EST)

Let's move beyond matter to find the ultimate connection in order to create all that we desire here on Earth.

Register here to snag your spot: Continue reading
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