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Your superpowers...

Your superpowers...
You do not need anyone to tell you how to live YOUR life. You have it all inside of yourself. Whatever you choose, you are the chooser. You are the CREATOR.

Your choice is your superpower.

I spent over a decade and a half doing things that were not in alignment with my heart's desires because I had been told repeatedly that following my heart wouldn’t work in business or life. WTF?!

When you realize that your focus, your choice and your sovereignty are superpowers you will never let someone else’s ideas, programs or patterns direct your life energy.

You will empower yourself to trust your inner knowing. You will begin to realize that your true power resides within the sovereign nature of your Spirit.

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With devotion,
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Everything is in relationship to something.

My question for you today is are you in relationship with yourself?

Are you lighting up your life?

You see, liberation means that you are able to live in your sovereighty.

No fear of being alone or unloved. No victim mindsets allowed.

Thus, as you step into relationship with others you bring the highest vibration in order to serve your collaboration together.

Be the light and you will always bring the light.

This doesn't mean you are "perfect". What it means is that you show up for yourself unconditionally and by proxy learn to show up for others the same way.

This is how we heal. 💚
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Becoming Sovereign

Becoming Sovereign
When you choose comfort over truth, you will sacrifice your freedom. When you sacrifice your freedom you will lose your free will.

Your free will, consciousness and thumbs are the only things that separate you from all other animals on this planet. All mammals have brains, yours has the great ability to function in a higher state of consciousness. Unfortunately, many choose to live in the animal brain state or 3d consciousness.

If you are not awake and aware of what you truly want, who you truly are and what matters to you then you are going to be pushed into making decisions you don’t want to make in order to sacrifice for others under the illusive narrative of “doing the right thing” and there goes your free will.

Doing the right thing means you stand up for yourself, your values, morals and your truths. This is living with integrity. This is YOU living your life.

Integrity: the state of being whole and undivided.

Integrity and freedom go hand in hand for me. You cannot be divided and have integrity. There is no stability in this dualistic approach. You must awaken to your LIGHT. You must choose to stop riding in the comfort cart and doing what everyone has been programmed to do for the sake of comfort and convenience. You must get ILLUMINATED.

The truth is often inconvenient and uncomfortable at first however I promise you that the moment you get real is the moment you will start to experience a level of alignment beyond anything you have ever experience before.

This alignment leads to integrity and that integrity is the gateway to your freedom. You are not here to do what other’s think is right for everyone else. You are here to write your own story. You are here to do what you feel is in alignment with your values, morals and truths.

As you MINDFULLY make these decisions your reality will change. You will evolve. The only thing that matters is that you evolve in your own unique way and apply zero judgement or critic to the evolution of others. Your individuality is a gift. My prayer for you today is that you celebrate it because if you don’t use it you just might lose it.

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