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Wild Freedom equals Liberation

Wild Freedom equals Liberation

Loving nature, loving ourselves, releasing social conditioning is the essence of coming back home to our true nature.

Life is wild. Resistance creates friction and stops the flow.

Embrace the wild beauty, trust yourself and allow life to flow through you so that you may be held as Mother Earth holds us all.

No attachment, cyclical and ever present beauty, even in the winter there is still beauty.

Cycles of ease, cycles of friction…all cycles bring grace when we are willing to receive and be.

May you shake loose that which has a hold on you so that you step fully into your power and Soul Mission here on earth.


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The Cage...

The Cage...
Be mindful of the gilded cage of your desires🪶

Those desires will keep you from experiencing true freedom 🆓

A big aspect of this great illusion is that you are safe inside the cage.

You see when you give up your freedom for someone else’s idea of safety you have relinquished your power.

Safety will always bring the illusion of comfort, however your SOUL
will always feel limited by the gilded cage.

Your innate SOUL desire is to experience limitless.

Your innate HUMAN desire is to experience safety.

Remember you are no longer running from wolves 🐺 and other predators. You have evolved.

No, the main predator today is programmed fear. Continue reading
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