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Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd

Your Body is a Portal Virtual Retreat October 21st and 22nd
As someone that has taught multiple physical movement modalities for over 27 years I can tell you that you are so much more than your body!

However, your body is a portal to your unique True Nature.

What you nurture grows. Knowing how to interpret your emotions comes from discernment and understanding that those emotions are a compass on your healing journey.

Your body and emotions coming together to help you step through the portal of your physical experience is just one of the many ways I am going to be helping you get Frequency Fit in my two day virtual retreat next month. (75-90 mins each day starting 9am EST)

Let's move beyond matter to find the ultimate connection in order to create all that we desire here on Earth.

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Holding space...

Holding space...

As I watch all people of the world evolve, expand and contract I see so many opportunities to hold space. As a teacher of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, awareness and consciousness I am constantly reminded that so many people struggle with holding space for themselves. 

If you have any doubt about this, please observe the mental poison of media, the epidemic rates of anxiety and depression. The pandemic of fear. The reality, that despite our ability to connect to anything and everyone in the world with technology, many people feel more alone than ever before. 

You see, I am a space holder, it is the place of transformation. Space contains all that is known and unknown. It is in space that we are reminded or our potential. It is in the ethers that the TRUTH resides. It is here that one can move beyond limitation. The gateway is the INNER cosmos. 

The key to the door of your INNERstanding is your breath. 

Your breath is the single most powerful tool that you have in this physical realm. Your ability to modify your breath is the direct pathway to the intelligence and guidance of your SOUL.

If you would like to learn more about holding space for yourself, connecting with the guidance of your SOUL and facilitating greater INNERstanding then consider joining me for one of my free events on Insight Timer OR check out my upcoming online retreat Jan. 2-8th in collaboration with Hannah Levin.

This is a wonderful way for you to start to tap into the awareness that you hold the keys. 

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