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Back to Life with Gratitude

Back to Life with Gratitude

I always feel that coming back to life with gratitude is the easiest way for me to stay focused, clear and fluid.

Let me explain. 

You see, for me gratitude is a daily practice and has been for years. I either wake up and mentally think of three things I am grateful for, write it down in my journal, or just before I sleep I think of several things that I am grateful have come to fruition in that day. A recapitualtion of sorts if you like.

I have experienced an intense few years, like many people, and I have chosen to pracitce gratitude for years and I gotta tell you that this is a practice that will net you results rapidly. 

Here are just a few things a daily gratitude practice can do for you:

-creates greater resilience

-less overthinking

-better sleep quality

-easier to fall asleep

-greater clarity

I could keep going with this list, but I want you to jump onto this train. Right now, just think of one thing you are grateful for and then take a deep breath into that thought. As you exhale just notice how you feel? 

Did you suddenly relax your shoulders or perhaps a little smile came to your face?

Keep doing this everyday, hell, do this as much as you want. This is easy and free medicine. 

Try it. 

As for me, I am immensely grateful to everyone for their support. My Instagram account got hacked last week and I had dozens of messages from people letting me know what was happening. It was so awesome to have that support.

I am so grateful that my tribe has my back!

Spend as much time coming back to the beauty of life with an attitude of gratitude and I promise you will begin to see the gifts in your days and not the challenges as the highlights.

In gratitude + service, 





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