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You see, feelings can FEEL messy sometimes. Why? They feel messy because they are SO big (energetically powerful) and we are not really taught how to express them nor do we sometimes feel safe expressing our feelings. Now fast forward to the reality that you are an adult and well you may have spent most your life not communicating with a very HUGE part of YOU. Continue reading

Thoughts on how to truly live on Earth...

Thoughts on how to truly live on Earth...

A friend of mine recently shared this on Facebook and I thought that I must share it here. Enjoy the read as well as the contemplation this may lead you to practice.

When Einstein gave lectures at U.S. universities, the recurring question that students asked him most was:
- Do you believe in God?
And he always answered:
- I believe in the God of Spinoza.
Baruch de Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher considered one of the great rationalists of 17th century philosophy, along with Descartes.
(Spinoza) : God would say:
"Stop praying.
What I want you to do is go out into the world and enjoy your life. I want you to sing, have fun and enjoy everything I've made for you.
Stop going into those dark, cold temples that you built yourself and saying they are my house. My house is in the mountains, in the woods, rivers, lakes, beaches. That's where I live and there I express my love for you.
Stop blaming me for your miserable life; I never told you there was anything wrong with you or that you were a sinner, or that your sexuality was a bad thing. Sex is a gift I have given you and with which you can express your love, your ecstasy, your joy. So don't blame me for everything they made you believe.
Stop reading alleged sacred scriptures that have nothing to do with me. If you can't read me in a sunrise, in a landscape, in the look of your friends, in your son's eyes... ➤ you will find me in no book!
Stop asking me "will you tell me how to do my job?" Stop being so scared of me. I do not judge you or criticize you, nor get angry, or bothered. I am pure love.
Stop asking for forgiveness, there's nothing to forgive. If I made you... I filled you with passions, limitations, pleasures, feelings, needs, inconsistencies... free will. How can I blame you if you respond to something I put in you? How can I punish you for being the way you are, if I'm the one who made you? Do you think I could create a place to burn all my children who behave badly for the rest of eternity? What kind of god would do that?
Respect your peers and don't do what you don't want for yourself. All I ask is that you pay attention in your life, that alertness is your guide.
My beloved, this life is not a test, not a step on the way, not a rehearsal, nor a prelude to paradise. This life is the only thing here and now and it is all you need.
I have set you absolutely free, no prizes or punishments, no sins or virtues, no one carries a marker, no one keeps a record.
You are absolutely free to create in your life. Heaven or hell.
➤ I can't tell you if there's anything after this life but I can give you a tip. Live as if there is not. As if this is your only chance to enjoy, to love, to exist.
So, if there's nothing after, then you will have enjoyed the opportunity I gave you. And if there is, rest assured that I won't ask if you behaved right or wrong, I'll ask. Did you like it? Did you have fun? What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?...
Stop believing in me; believing is assuming, guessing, imagining. I don't want you to believe in me, I want you to believe in you. I want you to feel me in you when you kiss your beloved, when you tuck in your little girl, when you caress your dog, when you bathe in the sea.
Stop praising me, what kind of egomaniac God do you think I am?
I'm bored being praised. I'm tired of being thanked. Feeling grateful? Prove it by taking care of yourself, your health, your relationships, the world. Express your joy! That's the way to praise me.
Stop complicating things and repeating as a parakeet what you've been taught about me.
What do you need more miracles for? So many explanations?
The only thing for sure is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonders."
- Spinoza
image is the Eye Of God nebula
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I was speaking with a friend last night and as we discussed a multitude of things my mind kept coming back to an aspect in her life that she shared. In this place there was friction. She felt it…I still feel it. The thing about friction is that it is an opportunity to be mindful of your true feelings. You know all that stuff under the surface that most of us don’t want to look at because it has been put into our mind and hearts that this is uncomfortable. 

The truth is, you are an ever evolving being and therefore it’s VERY important that you dive into all those things under the surface reaction. You see, the surface reaction, isn’t even really you. It’s who you have been taught to be. It’s how you have been taught to behave. 

When you consciously choose to stop BEing how others expect you to be then you can really begin to start HAVEing the life you truly desire because you are now taking full responsibility for your life.

When you feel friction, this is a direct arrow to a place where there is misalignment.

Misalignment is an opportunity for you to evolve, to grow, to step into your potential and live your best life. This arrow is directing you to living a heart centered life in collaboration with your Higher Self.

The thing about evolving is that you also have to be able to let go of what no longer aligns or resonates. Change is okay. 

It’s okay to let go of relationships, behaviors, feelings and so forth in order to step into that unconditional heart space.

If you “think” you are who you are, then evolution might not be for you. 

If you feel that you are not your thoughts but those thoughts are driving your reality, then it’s time to really look at how you feel about your reality. 


You cannot “think” your way into HEART.


You want joy? Then you gotta feel it and in order to feel it you just might have to mine through all that other dense shit in the way. That mining process is gonna take fire aka friction and it might not be comfortable but I KNOW that on the other side of all that thinking is your opportunity to EVOLVE to ASCEND and move beyond the limited perspective of that old narrative.

You see, you already know where the misalignment is. 

You have always had the ability to create the joy you desire. You have just been programmed to BELIEVE that if you actually listen to your heart then you are being selfish or that something will go wrong or people won’t like you.

People don’t like when they can’t keep getting the same charge out of you. People don’t like when they cannot get what they want. Nothing more, nothing less. When you change your energy, the energy of everything around you changes.

Choose to evolve because our entire planet is ascending and I want you to be a part of the consciousness that is the NEW EARTH. It’s not about money, control, systems, or mass population soothing. This New Earth is about personal responsibility, collective elevation, freedom, liberation for ALL. 

Look at the spot of friction in your day, life or problem…it’s here that you will find the fire of illumination just waiting to light up your life, ascend your consciousness and pave the way to that joyful beauty you desire to call yours each and every day.


Stay Illuminated, 



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