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Self investigation...

Self investigation...
People spend so much time policing others and very little time investigating themselves.

This is the great illusion of man made laws.

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Programming begins early...

Programming begins early...
This can be one of the easiest and most rapid ways to expand your awareness.

Just take note of what you "like" and do "not like" and ask yourself is it truthful or has it just been patterned into your subconscious mind repeatedly like a bad pop song:).

Do this one thing and your entire life will begin to shift. This is where we can start to realize who we truly are💚 Continue reading

The Cage...

The Cage...
Be mindful of the gilded cage of your desires🪶

Those desires will keep you from experiencing true freedom 🆓

A big aspect of this great illusion is that you are safe inside the cage.

You see when you give up your freedom for someone else’s idea of safety you have relinquished your power.

Safety will always bring the illusion of comfort, however your SOUL
will always feel limited by the gilded cage.

Your innate SOUL desire is to experience limitless.

Your innate HUMAN desire is to experience safety.

Remember you are no longer running from wolves 🐺 and other predators. You have evolved.

No, the main predator today is programmed fear. Continue reading
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