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Cultivating Consciousness Daily

Cultivating Consciousness Daily

Consciousness is: the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself. 

I gave a talk this week on Insight Timer about cultivating consciousness daily. There are many ways we can cultivate this awareness of self throughout our daily life. So let's dive in and get you some tangible tools for your path. 

1. Awaken: like literally. Every day when you awaken you are going from the subconscious/unconscious to the conscious therefore the morning time upon awakening is the perfect time to drop in some gratitude or a purposeful pause that allows you to just become aware of how you are feeling and what you are sensing within the internal landscape. Note: you can take that purposeful pause throughout your entire day anytime you need to tune in:)

2. Breath: well you are already breathing! When we take the time to tap into our breath consciously we can begin to self regulate. Rapid breath is directly linked to the stress response in the body/mind paradigm. Taking a few moments to focus on slowing and evening out your breath is immensely powerful and helpful. Note: here is a link to a breath practice I love.

3. Intention: A lot of times when people set intention it is oriented toward a desire that results in a physical manifestation. I want to invite you to set an intention in how you are going to show up to an experience, conversation, meeting with the boss or HOA etc... As we cultivate consciousness we can raise our awareness of who we are and how we are showing up to what is showing up in our world.

4. Act Consciously: as our awareness expands and we are living consciously we can begin to be accountable to not only our emotions but also to how we are responding to our world. Taking responsibility for our reactions is a potent and powerful way to stay present with ourself as we navigate our daily life. Consciously choosing to respond from a higher frequency will take so much more awareness than just doing the habituated pattern of reaction. Try this one with little things like not slamming cabinets in your kitchen or mindfully setting the dishes on the table. Take the rush out of life and you will notice you have a lot more time!

This is a summation of what I shared in my online talk and if you are interested in learning more about these subjects in relation to your vibration and how to create your own reality then visit my Youtube channel to see a 5 day video series on this subject. 

As always....

Stay Illuminated, 



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