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Stillness and looking within...

Stillness and looking within...

As we solidly move into the Age of Aquarius I believe that there is nothing more important right now than discernment. This is an age of technology and information.

Your ability to sit in stillness and look within yourself is what will truly allow you to live the life you desire and not the life that has been expected from you. 

All those expections come from programs installed by systems, cultures, family dynamics and so much more that we are not even aware of until we start getting quiet and going inward.

Unplug, look within and get still because if you do, you will begin to create the very life you say you desire yet do not have. 

I am living proof of this. 

For years I wanted peace and calm and ease and now I have it. I have these things in my life because I stopped doing what others expected and starting listening to the quiet voice within. You can call it intuition, you can call it "guides" or you can call is Source. Either way, my life is much more peaceful than it has ever been and I am immensely grateful for this calm and ease everyday. 

Every time I sit in stillness I am practicing the art of discernment. In a world full of information, expectation and so much more I can tell you that this single thing is by far one of the most potent gifts of my spiritual path. 

As you navigate your day, I hope you take time to get still and look within so that you may experience a life of peace, joy and laughter. 


Much love to you now and always, Akasha💚

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Stillness is so needed right now.



Your Inner Cosmos is the landscape of your unique consciousness.

When we sit still and go inward we become aware of aspects beyond mind, beyond habit and conditioning.

There is a map within you.

You are the universe and you can deepen your connection and knowledge by sitting still.

You see, if you sit still, you are going to realize that you have value beyond what you produce.

This simple realization will lead to a new layer of #selfillumination
Try it. There is no wrong way to sit still.

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