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What do you do when your hunger isn’t physical?


How do you operate when you feel like you are starving despite having food, clothing, all things that are needed?


What do you do when living in the light is more nutritious than the cool, still, numb blanket of the dark that you have grown accustomed to?


How do you open up, let go and move on when the snacks in your hand are consistent calories?


What excuse do you use to keep from feeding your SOUL?


This type of hunger causes pain beyond the body. Places the mind in the existential loops of illusion.


You find yourself in spaces and places you don’t want to be because you’re too busy eating the meals that everyone else tells you are best for you.


You keep doing what others have done and that’s why it’s not working for you.


You are aren’t others.


You’re YOU.


What feeds others isn’t going to feed you the same way.


Do you stay in the jungle of your hunger, starving while swinging from vine to vine taking what each location offers or do you go for a walk in the desert and bask in the space and liberate yourself from the illusive canopy of “good enough.”


You see, hunger is relative.

You gotta get relative with one question.


Would you rather starve in the jungle of everyone else’s creation or walk in the desert Soulscape of your consciousness ?


Hunger can kill…physically, emotionally, mentally….


Why do you keep feeding the body, distracting the emotions and numbing the mind?


Why haven’t you chosen to feed your SOUL?


Eliminating all the useless calories of mind numbing information, egotism, should have, could haves, rationalism of emotions and so on can create a feast for you unlike any other.


Dive into the relativity of the fact that we have ONE life. We all start with and inhale and leave with an exhale. It’s going to end the same. Feed your SOUL. Get busy living because we are all dying.


What are you hungry for? Share your SOUL journey below……xoxo, Akasha

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